7 steps to center your artistic self

You don’t have to be an artist or even be good at art to learn something from this. This post is about expressing yourself on paper or on canvas. Heck, if you wanted you could draw  a three petal flower with a face and say it represents how you feel!  all I’m saying is, draw what you feel and who you think you are inside.

all I’m saying is draw what you feel and who you think know   you are.

  • 1) do some groundbreaking thinking, take yourself away from all distractions and just lie, sit, or stand but just think.
  • 2) Set a goal on what kind of project you want to do, it doesn’t have to be much maybe just a landscape of a house.
  • 3)  Find something or someone who inspires you it could even be putting on a pair of silly shoes!
  • 4) Spend a lot of time where you do your art, you could even be just looking at other art you’ve done.
  • 5) (this step is unnecessary  if you do only abstract art) look at the kind of things you normally draw or paint; be able to recognize texture.
  • 6)Just be your own inspiration, don’t tell yourself you can’t figure it out!Do it!
  • 7) Last but not least, love your work if you don’t you shouldn’t be an artist.

Hoping this helped!,

– Sofia the Unicorn


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